Therapy Sessions


$150 tax included/50 minutes

Individual sessions can help you delve into your thoughts, emotions, behaviours, and experiences. Our goal is to help you navigate challenges, enhance your well-being, and achieve personal milestones. We recognize that life can be complex as we navigate different stages and experiences. We want to help you find understanding and meaning in your life journey and ensure you have the tools you need to discover growth and healing. Our integrative approach will ensure that we are tailoring our therapy to address issues (whether past, present or future) in a  way that will meet your individual needs. 


$180 tax included/60 minutes

Couple sessions have been designed to help you and your partner navigate challenges that you may be facing in your relationship journey. Our goal is to help foster deeper understanding, communication, and an awareness of needs. Helping you understand your relationship dynamics can cultivate a space of safety and honesty where you and your partner can hear and see each more meaningfully. Our therapy modalities will ensure that we are tailoring our approach to your specific goals and providing you with the tools and resources you may need to maintain the growth and healing you experience in session.