Marriage Preparation

Pre-Marital Counselling

Our psychotherapists are Prepare Enrich facilitators that can guide you through the program. 

Getting Married?

Pre-marital counseling is a crucial investment in building a strong foundation for a lifelong partnership. It offers couples a dedicated space to explore and understand each other’s values, expectations, and communication styles before entering into marriage. If you choose to do the Prepare Enrich program with us, you will receive a personalized program (including assessment) with guided discussions and tailored exercises. Our goal is to help couples develop effective communication skills, navigate potential conflicts, and establish a shared vision for their future. By addressing potential challenges early on, couples can foster a deeper connection, enhance resilience, and equip themselves with the tools needed to build a successful and fulfilling marriage. This proactive approach sets the stage for a resilient and harmonious relationship, providing a solid framework for a thriving marital journey.