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These are some frequently asked questions….

How do I know that I need counselling?

You may feel challenged with concerns that you face in your life. These concerns may be affecting your day-to-day ability to live your life the way you would like to. Counselling is a good option when you feel stuck, alone, depressed, anxious, or stressed.

How does counselling help me?

In counselling you can express your thoughts, feelings, and struggles with certain behaviours without the fear of being judged. Counselling is helpful in gaining insight, awareness, and tools to increase and improve the quality of your life. In counselling you will have the opportunity to develop the knowledge needed and learn how to approach situations differently to overcome challenges and achieve personal growth.

Remember that counselling is a process and it takes time to feel the positive effects of it. This process may feel slow and challenging at times. Your commitment to applying what you learn and discover in therapy, will bring the change you want and make improvements in your life.

How long does therapy take?

The number of sessions depends on the nature of your concerns. Normally it will take between 7 to 10 sessions. Depending on the situations, sometimes goals are even achieved in 3 to 6 sessions and sometimes it takes more than 10 sessions.

Is counselling services fees covered by OHIP?

Unfortunately, the government does not cover counselling services. Counselling fees are sometimes covered by extended health plans and most employee assistance programs (EAP). Consult your insurance company if they cover the fees of counsellors or registered psychotherapists with a Master degree, to see how much coverage you have under your plan. You may also want to ask about how much you are covered per session, how much you are covered per year, and how much coverage is allotted per member under your yearly plan. I will provide you with a receipt that may be submitted to your insurance company for reimbursement.